Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

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Purpose and Charge:

The college BIT exists to serve as a proactive resource both internally and externally designed to address individual of concern threats and/or incidents. The team is designed to be a centralized, coordinated, caring, developmental intervention, and prevention mechanism.

The college BIT meets regularly to support students, faculty, and staff via the established incident response protocol found in BMCC Administrative Procedures SS-07-2015-0002, “Behavioral Intervention Team” and SS-07-2015-0001 “Duty to Report Criminal and Threatening Behavior.” The team receives reports of disruptive, problematic, or concerning behavior or misconduct; conducts investigations, performs threat assessment, and determines the best avenue for support, intervention, notification, and response. The team then deploys the appropriate response and coordinates follow-up.

The college BIT team is primarily responsible to:

  • Facilitate threat awareness, assessment, prevention, reporting, and response training for all staff, faculty, and students
  • Develop, distribute, and maintain campus safety information, materials, and tools for college wide use
  • Evaluate, respond, triage, and follow up to incident reports in a timely manner
  • Communicate and collaborate internally as well as externally for appropriate incident response
  • Track, report, and document incident records in accordance with college policy as well as state and federal rules

Meeting Notes:

BIT 10.19.16

BIT 5.3.17


Membership Roster: (Meets Quarterly)





Tammie Parker, AVP ofHuman Resources

Diane Drebin, VP of Student Affairs (or designee)



Linda Zojonc, Student Affairs Administrative Assistant


Title IX Coordinators

Tammie Parker, AVP of Human Resources



Student Conduct Officers

Diane Drebin, VP of Student Affairs

Jacelyn Keys, Director Hermiston Center

Dan Koopman, Director BMCC Baker County

Susan Kralman, Director Milton Freewater Center


Student Health and Wellness Resource Center Representative

Bobbie Sue Arias, Program Coordinator-Interim


Safety and Campus Crisis Response Team Representative

Wells Jones, Physical Ed Health and Nutrition Instructor

Annually - As assigned

Health and Wellness Committee Representative

Dawn Kennison-Kerrigan, Director, Early Childhood Education

Annually - As assigned

Office of Instruction Representative

Carl Melle, Dean, CTE and Community Education

Annually – As assigned

VP of Instruction

MJ Kuhar

Annually – As assigned

Public Relations Representative

Casey White-Zollman

Annually – As assigned

Information Technology Representative

Brad Holden

Annually – As assigned

Finance and Operations Representative

Celeste Insko

Annually – As assigned

Grounds & Facilities Representative

Dwayne Williams

Annually – As assigned

Enrollment Services/Registrar Representative

Theresa Bosworth

Annually – As assigned

Athletics Representative

Brett Bryan

Annually – As assigned

CTUIR Success Coach Liaison

Annie Smith

Annually – As assigned

Associated Student Government Liaison

Sarah Bonner

Annually – As assigned

Local Law Enforcement Representative

Stuart Roberts

Annually – As assigned

Legal Consult Representative

Doug Hojem

Annually – As assigned

IMESD Liaison


Annually – As assigned

Umatilla County Health Liaison


Annually – As assigned

The BIT Team will meet quarterly for briefing of cases, participatory training, and cross departmental as well as agency collaboration. More frequent meeting will occur on an as needed basis depending on the circumstances of individual of concern incident reports.

2015-2020 Strategic Plan Goal Statement - “A Safe Environment for all at BMCC”

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