Wiche Passport I

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Blue Mountain Community College (BMCC) is a participant in the Interstate Passport Initiative where a transferable block of classes comprised of general education classes (oral communication, written communication and quantitative literacy) is noted on the transcript for transfer articulation purposes.

 A notation is made for students who successfully complete the following course requirements:

 • Written Communication: WR121 (4 credit version)

 • Oral Communication: COM111 (4 credit version)

• Quantitative Literacy: MTH111, 112, 231, 241, 243, 251, 252, 253, 254, 256, OR 261

To be eligible: 

  • Coursework must have been taken at BMCC during or after winter term 2013 at BMCC in order to meet these requirements.
  • Coursework taken as Early College credit (dual credit), CBE, AP, CLEP, or from another college would not meet the requirements for the passport.  
  • Credit by proficiency coursework may be considered.

Students that complete these courses at BMCC and then transfer to one of the Interstate Passport Initiative colleges will not have to retake coursework to meet these same requirements. For additional information about this initiative please go to the WICHE website at www.wiche.edu/passport