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Mechatronics:  Industrial Automation Technology

Degrees and Certificates

Program Flyer

Students in Mechatronics:  Industrial Automation Technology work with industry standard equipment to troubleshoot, maintain and repair mechanical equipment that is controlled by electrical, electronic and computer systems used in a wide variety of applications.  Students in this program will spend very little time sitting in lecture.  Most classes have a required lab sessions where students determine what is wrong with a unit and then repair it and verify that it is operating correctly.  If you are interested in sensors and motors, and want to know how those things all work together in today’s modern industries, this is the program for you.

Employment Opportunities

Technicians with the skills to troubleshoot automated operations equipment are in high demand in many industries including:

  • food processing
  • forest products
  • manufacturing
  • health care
  • educational facilities
  • petroleum
  • renewable energy
  • mining
  • agriculture
  • aerospace and defense
  • telecommunications

Industrial Automation Technicians need good reading skills and the ability to think analytically about interrelated systems. Technicians need to be self-starters interested in hands-on learning and the ability to work alone or in teams.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Automation Technology will:

  • Troubleshoot mechanical and electrical systems
  • Maintain mechanical and electrical systems
  • Analyze schematics
  • Locate and analyze technical data
  • Assist in design and rebuilding projects
  • Manage career education and workplace learning
  • Communicate effectively in writing and verbally with fellow workers and customers
  • Apply mathematics to troubleshooting, maintenance and repair situations
  • Apply scientific principles to troubleshooting, maintenance and repair situations
  • Cultivate a positive professional workplace personality