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Once you become a registered nurse (RN), you can take your career in many directions. You could work on the front lines in trauma care or in the justice system as a legal nurse consultant. You can work as a teacher, a writer, or as a researcher, interact with children or the elderly, or work directly with patients in a hospital or community setting. The opportunities are virtually unlimited, especially for nurses who continue to learn and educate themselves in their fields of interest.

Explore human anatomy and physiology, chemistry, sociology and psychology. Experience and practice patient assessment in our “SIM Man” skills lab. This lab utilizes a state-of-the-art computer operated manikin utilized to simulate the wide array of vital signs and bodily reactions that may present themselves under conditions of sickness and stress. This lab recently acquired a SIM baby to better prepare students for pediatric assessment and reaction.

Learn from instructors who are registered nurses, themselves. Benefit from their years of experience in various areas of nursing. Discover insight to the incredible satisfaction in working with others in the medical field who share your passion for caring for others.

If interested in this program, please review admission requirements.

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