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Our science classes are of equal quality to those offered at a four-year institution, however we offer small class and lab sizes, classes that are taught by instructors (rather than graduate students), more opportunities for individualized contact with instructors and all for a lower cost.:

Some of our science classes offer high quality open education resources, and others are moving in this direction. This means that students can download required text books for no cost.  The text then belongs to the student. If a student wishes to print the text, he or she would only need to pay for the cost of printing. If a student wants to purchase a bound open source text, he/she would only need to pay for the cost of printing and binding. The material is free and this significantly reduces the cost to the student.

Our core science classes can transfer to any Oregon university and some select schools in neighboring states. We recommend that students check with each four-year school in order to learn specifically which classes are automatically accepted as transfers at these four-year institutions.

Some standout alumni from our science program include Rick Jones (admitted to Physician’s Assistant School), Fiona Hillenbrand (Veterinarian), Maggie Long, (nursing school graduate; accepted a nursing position in Wyoming), Andrew Wildbill, Christine Ficker (nursing school graduate), Bryn Braithwaite (nursing school graduate), Maria Carrillo (nursing school graduate), Wade Schuh (nurse), Johannah Schuh (nurse), Rhonda Atkins (nursing school graduate), Dave Close, and Fred Robinson.

Our graduates often go to work for Interpath Lab, St. Anthony Hospital, or Good Shepherd Hospital.