Online Education Proctor and Testing Information

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Some courses offered through distance education require students to take one or more exams in a proctored setting; please refer to your syllabus for exam requirements. Most course exams are offered in an online format; these exams are taken online, and may also require to be proctored. These exams are usually graded immediately upon completion, thus eliminating mailing time.  Some exams are offered in hard copy format. These exams will be mailed to your proctor, and then mailed back to BMCC for grading after you have completed them.

If you live outside of the area of a local BMCC Center, students are required to make arrangements for a proctor (someone who can administer their exams). A proctor request form needs to be requested by e-mailing the Distance Education Office at within the first two weeks of each term. The easiest and most convenient way to obtain a proctor is to contact a local community college, university, learning center or employer. Upon receipt of the proctor request form, a letter regarding testing procedures along with the course exams will be mailed to the designated proctor.

  • Order Your Exams: This MUST be done within the first two weeks of the term, in order to allow for unavoidable and unpredictable delays in mail delivery. To order your exams, complete the Proctor Request Form and mail or fax it to the Distance & Extended Learning Office. NOTE: If you delay ordering your exams beyond the second week, you jeopardize your ability to complete the course within the term.
  • Take Your Exams: Set a schedule with your proctor, and take these exams at the pre-arranged times. Remember to allow sufficient mailing time to return your exam to BMCC for grading after the actual date you have taken the exam. Students should set aside at least 1-1 ½ hours of time to complete an exam. Click here for Testing Center hours at the Pendleton campus.
  • Math Exams Will NOT be Faxed to a Proctor! Faxing math exams causes certain math symbols to be distorted and students may interpret the symbols incorrectly.
  • Be Prepared For Your Exam! Students are responsible for bringing their own pen or pencil, calculator, and graphing paper (if necessary) to their exam. Most times, scratch paper is available at the testing site.
  • Allow Adequate Time. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to complete your exam in one session. Students will not be allowed to begin an exam then return at a different time to complete it. If you begin an exam and cannot complete it because of a time crunch, the exam will be turned into the instructor as is.
  • Know What is Expected. Exams must be taken at a designated testing center. Most distance education exams are closed book, closed note, and have unlimited time limits. However, some course exams are time-limited or may be open-book, open-note exams. Your course syllabus should indicate the testing requirements. If you are not sure, please contact your proctor or BMCC center.
You May Review Your Exams.  Students may “review” their graded exams but are not allowed to keep an exam. Graded exams are returned to the center or proctor where you originally took the exam. If you have any questions regarding an exam, contact your course instructor to discuss the matter further.