2016-2017 Student Ambassadors


Meet YOUR Student Ambassadors 


Hayden Fritz is a kind-hearted and outgoing leader. She is second year Student Ambassador from La Grande Oregon and is working toward her A.A.O.T so she can transfer to a University in the area. Hayden likes to fish, travel, hang out with family/friends and she works A LOT! 


Tyler Robinson is a second year Student Ambassador, he is a helpful and organized leader from Haines, Oregon. He grew up on his grandparent’s farm that his step-dad took over, he has worked there ever since with cattle and crops. Tyler is working toward his degree in nursing and is excited to continue on his educational journey!



Megan Matthews is a second year student and a Student Ambassador, she is an inclusive and kind-hearted leader from Pilot Rock, Oregon. Megan is pursuing a degree in Nursing and hopes to obtain her Doctorate degree and become an OB/GYN. She is very involved with her family and spends a lot of time with her little sisters, chasing them to sporting events. 



Yoshi Escamilla is a Student Ambassador, she is a friendly and dedicated leader from Umatilla Oregon. Her name is Yoshira but everyone calls her Yoshi like the Super Mario character. She is currently working toward becoming an Elementary school teacher and enjoys playing volleyball and spending time with her family. 


Harley Burgener is a Student Ambassador, she is a dedicated and friendly leader from Wamic, OR. Harley is pursuing a degree in General Agriculture Education, her favorite activity is spending time with her family back home!


Courtney is an enthusiastic and compassionate leader from Pendleton, Oregon. Courtney is working toward her Bachelor's degree and pursuing her dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. She is getting married in July and has a two year old son named Harrison! 


Adrie Traum is a Student Ambassador, she is a kind and loyal leader from Pendleton, Oregon. She is currently studying to become a lawyer. Adrie loves the outdoors and her favorite subject in school is English! 


Madilynn Herigstad is a Student Ambassador, she is a strong-willed and conversational leader from the Salem area. 


Bridgett Dunham is a Student Ambassador, she is an inspirational and sassy leader from Umatilla, Oregon. Bridgett is working toward becoming a Veterinarian and enjoys playing softball and spending time with her three pugs! 


Shelby Greb is a Student Ambassador, she is a positive and strong leader from Pendleton, Oregon. Shelby is studying to become a high school math teacher in her hometown of Pendleton! Shelby loves the country and being outdoors. She enjoys fishing, hunting, snowmobiling and camping. Her family is a huge part of her life and she is very involved with sports!


Megan Jones is a Student Ambassador, she is a conversational and determined leader from Wallowa, Oregon. MJ is pursuing a degree in nursing and loves football! The Oregon Ducks and Seahawks are her favorite teams.