Military/Service Members and Dependents Waivers

BMCC offers the following discounts/waivers
to veterans, military personnel and their
spouses or dependents

VA- Tuition Waiver (Veterans and Dependents)

    Tuition Waiver:
Oregon Veterans
  Tuition Waiver:
Immediate Family Member of a
Deployed Service Member
  Tuition Waiver:
Dependent of Fallen or 100%
Disabled Veteran

Oregon resident*

Currently on active duty, or honorably discharged within the last eighteen months.


Oregon resident who is an immediate family member of a deployed service member (spouse, unmarried child / foster child under the age of 24, or others under the age of 24 whose guardianship is held by the service member and/or spouse).

Deployed Service Member: members of the U.S. Armed Forces currently on active duty service status. Does not cover periods of active service for basic training purposes. Applicants must provide orders or other verification from the branch of service of eligibility.

Note: The Oregon State Military Education Department can assist in the process of verifying deployment orders and dependency issues status.


Oregon resident who is a spouse or unmarried child, age 23 and under (including adoptive and step-children) of members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces or U.S. Coast Guard.

The Service Member must have:

- Died while on active duty, or

- Died as a result of a military service-connected disability, or

Is 100% permanently disabled as a result of a military service- connected disability as certified by the U.S. Dept. Of Veteran’s Affairs.


The waiver covers up to 50% of the cost of tuition during the first year of a certificate or degree program at BMCC.

Applied before other forms of aid.


The waiver covers up to 50% of tuition only as long as the service member is deployed and it covers up to a maximum number of credits required for an associate’s degree.

Only the first 12 credits of each term qualify for the waiver. The student is financially responsible for any credits taken above 12 each term as well as any course fees.


The waiver covers 100% of tuition only (no course fees) for credit courses.

Limited to 135 college credits or the completion of an associate’s degree, whichever comes first

Applied before other forms of aid.


*As defined by the Veteran’s Access, choice, and Accountability Act (Choice Act) Section 702 who is a member of the United States armed services.

Continuation of any of these tuition waiver benefits is contingent upon the student meeting institutional academic progress requirements.

The tuition waivers are available to students admitted to a certificate or degree program only and the credits must be applicable towards the stated certificate or degree program at BMCC.

The waivers do not include required fees or AFEES (educational expense fee for non-credit courses) and may not be applied to community education programs. If the student is co-enrolled with BMCC and another college, this tuition waiver applies to BMCC courses only.

For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office via email at or by calling 541-278-5759