To help ensure student success, all degree-seeking students are assigned a Navigator and an Academic Advisor to assist in developing an educational plan and maintaining your academic career path. 

Your Navigator helps you get started at BMCC and is your go-to person throughout your time at BMCC. Navigators help with admission, figuring out placement options for math and writing, selecting and registering for your first-term classes, along with helping troubleshoot any issues that come up. Navigators are here for you every step along the way! 

Navigators help with the following:

  • admission & placement
  • registration for first term  
  • understanding your degree audit
  • academic support systems & resources 
  • tutoring referrals 
  • academic progress appeals
  • applying for graduation 


Your Academic Advisor  works with you starting your second term to create an academic plan, ensure that you are taking classes that apply to your chosen degree path, and keep you on track to graduation. Academic Advisors are knowledgeable in many areas and come from diverse backgrounds. BMCC tries to match you with an Advisor who has experience in your chosen degree path.  

Academic Advisors help you with: 

  • registration for second term and beyond 
  • academic support systems & resources 
  • tutoring referrals
  • understanding your degree audit 
  • career exploration 
  • applying for graduation
  • transferring to university


Are you done with both math and writing placement? Have questions about the programs BMCC offers? Ready to register for classes? Make an appointment with a Navigator using the button below.

NOTE: Do not schedule with a Navigator if you are a continuing student. Please meet with your Academic Advisor instead. 

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