To help ensure student success, all degree-seeking students are assigned a Navigator (formerly known as a Student Success Coach) and a Faculty Advisor to assist developing an educational plan and maintaining their academic career paths.

Navigators help get students started at BMCC and are students’ go-to person throughout their time at BMCC. Navigators help with admission, figuring out placement options for math and writing, creating an academic program, choosing classes and registering each term, and troubleshooting any issues that come up. Navigators are here for you every step along the way!

Faculty Advisors work with students from their second term on to help ensure that students are taking classes that apply to their chosen degree plan and keep them on track through to graduation. 

Navigators and Faculty Advisors help you navigate the complex world of:

  • admissions and registration
  • academic support systems
  • tutoring
  • career exploration
  • degree audits
  • graduation
  • transfer information

Navigators and Faculty Advisors can be found at all BMCC locations. If you would like to meet with a Navigator for help getting started or for assistance answering questions about BMCC and our programs

Got Questions?

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