Student Forms

Select the form you need below or contact us for more information.

Proof of Oregon Residency Submitted to be considered “in-state” for tuition purposes; you must provide documentation as proof.
Re-Admission Form You must reapply for admission if you stopped attending for more than one (1) term.
Audit Option RequestRequest to receive an “AU” grade instead of a standard letter grade on transcript. Will affect financial aid and veterans benefits.
Cooperative Work ExperienceTraining agreement between you, supervisor, and instructor for CWE credits.
Overlapping Time Conflict PetitionYou will need the name and email address for both course instructors in order to complete this form.
Pass/No Pass Grading Option Check with Faculty Advisor before selecting this option; students who plan to transfer to another college should review the policy of that school before choosing this option at BMCC.
Petition to Register for Over 21 Credits You must have completed a minimum of 12 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.0 during most recent two terms at BMCC, courses must be required for degree at BMCC, and must be within two terms of graduating; you must also include a letter of support from your Navigator.
Prerequisite Override Request You must have taken the prerequisite course at another college, or have taken the prerequisite placement assessments at another college within the last two years, or have the prerequisite AP test scores within the last three years.
Prerequisite Override – Instructor Approved Request that Instructor for the course approve missing prerequisite due to your prior work experience, taking the prerequisite course as co-requisite, or other valid reason.
Registration Form

If you are unable to register for a course through the Wolfweb Student Portal, please email for a registration form.
For example, to take a repeatable class like PE 185 Physical Activity.

Check the class schedule for the course ID/code and section number, like PE185 – PEND2.

Request to Drop a CourseDropping a course during the Add/Drop Period removes it completely from your transcript and you do not owe tuition and fees for it. Withdrawing from a course after the Add/Drop Period means you will have a “W” on your transcript and you owe the tuition and fees for the course.
See Academic Calendar for last day to drop for a full refund or last day to withdraw for the term.
Request to Late Add a CourseUse this form to Late Add a course with instructor permission.
Request for Late WithdrawEmail to request this form.
Underage Registration form Students under the age of 16 register using this form. This form requires at least one parent signature.
Academic Progress Appeal

Contact your Navigator to make an appointment and complete the appeal process.

Academic Progress (AP) Policy
Appeal Committee Meeting Schedule

Degree Intent Change Request (Change of Program) Use to change the degree/program you are pursuing; please work with your Navigator or Faculty Advisor prior to completing this Program Change form. Degree change requests will not take place until the end of the current term.
Grade Appeal Form

Use this form to appeal a grade received in a course after an initial contact has been made with the instructor of the course.

If you are requesting a change to a “W,” email your request from your assigned BMCC email to

Grade Renewal Petition You must have returned to BMCC after an absence of at least two years, AND subsequently passed two terms of course work consisting of at least 12 credits each term with a term GPA of 2.00, AND registered for courses during the term in which this request is being made.
Revoke Directory Exemption StatusHaving a directory block on your record means we can only help you in person, with photo ID. Your name will also not be published in the commencement brochure. To remove this status, please complete this form.
Request Student ID Card You must be registered in the current term to be issued a student ID card.
Request to Release Assessment Scores  
Student Information Correction Request Complete this form to update your last name or social security number, or to correct your date of birth or name.
Transcript Requests Order Official BMCC Transcripts
Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Have your other college transcripts evaluated for a degree at BMCC.
Tuition Appeal/Refund Request Form

If you feel your bill is not accurate please call (541)278-5744.

If you have circumstances beyond your control that you feel prevented you from being able to pay your balance, you may appeal your tuition.

Unofficial Transcript Request Form Request your Unofficial BMCC Transcripts
Application for GraduationStudents should apply for graduation two terms prior to the term in which they plan to complete.
GED Candidate: Application to Participate in Commencement 
Request for Replacement Diploma  
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