Tuition & Fees

2024-2025 Cost of Attendance Estimates

Budget ComponentsDependent (living w/parent)Not living w/parents (dependent and independent)Out-of-State
Tuition & Required Fees$7,089$7,089$9,699
Books & Supplies$1,050$1,050$1,050
Living Expenses$1,400$10,800$10,800
Misc./Personal Expenses$1,200$1,200$1,200

The BMCC Financial Aid Office establishes yearly standard student budgets as a basis for awarding financial aid funds. The following budgets are based on full-time enrollment for fall, winter, and spring term. The budget is prorated for less than full-time attendance.

By definition, full time is 12 or more credits in a term. However, for purposes of establishing a budget, full time costs have been calculated based on 15 credits per term, which has been shown to be the average credit load for full time students at BMCC.

The Cost of Attendance (COA) Budget is the estimated cost of attendance at BMCC. The COA is not an exact statement of what it will cost to attend, nor is it necessarily what will be offered in awards. It is merely an estimate of expenses and the ceiling, or maximum, a student can be awarded in aid.

A budget adjustment can be requested if documented acceptable expenses that are not included in this budget exists, such as childcare costs. Budget adjustments are automatically made by the Financial Aid Office for programs of study with special budgetary needs such as Diesel Technology and Nursing. For any COA budget questions, contact the Financial Aid office at 541-278-5779 or email at

The COA is based on the following average direct and indirect costs:
Tuition and Fees: Set annually by BMCC’s Board of Education. (Direct cost)
Books and Supplies: An estimate of average costs for the academic year. These costs incorporate: books, course materials, supplies and equipment, (Direct cost)
Living Expenses: An estimate of average food and housing costs based on double occupancy and off-campus housing. Students living at home will have this amount pro-rated. (Indirect cost)
Personal and Transportation: An estimate of possible expenses for personal items, clothing, recreation, and travel. (Indirect cost)

Estimate Your Tuition and Fees at BMCC

The cost of attending includes tuition, fees, books, and supplies. BMCC requires students to pay tuition costs by the 5th day of the term or to develop a payment plan.

To view the entire tuition and fees schedule for the current academic year check out Tuition &Fees for details.

College Cost Calculator
*For tuition purposes, Oregon residents and residents of California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington are charged at the in-state resident rate of $119.00 for each credit hour, beginning with the Summer term of 2024.
The tuition rate for out-of-state students is $178.50 for each credit hour, beginning with the Summer term of 2024.





**This is an estimate. Actual tuition and fees will depend on the number of credits taken per quarter and special fees associated with particular classes, certificates, and degrees.


Tuition Rates

Fees charged to most students

For tuition purposes, Oregon residents and residents of California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington are charged at the in-state resident rate of $119.00 for each credit hour, beginning with the summer term of the 2024-25 academic year. 

The tuition rate for out-of-state students is $178.50 for each credit hour, beginning with the summer term of the 2024-2025 academic year.

*Students who are residents of California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington are charged the in-state resident tuition rate. 

The tuition rate for a resident who is sixty-five years of age or older is 100% of the regular tuition rate for credit classes. Fees for credit and non-credit classes are at the full rates listed in the quarterly Schedule of Classes on the BMCC website.

Seniors who elect to audit credit classes will not be charged tuition; only applicable fees will be charged at the full rate. Normal registration procedures are required.

Tuition is not charged for non-credit classes. Fees for non-credit classes vary based upon the costs to provide the course.

The Associated Student Government Fee is $3.50 for each credit hour.

This fee is approved by ASG & BMCC Board of Directors. 

The Technology fee is $26.75 per credit for credit classes; $9 per course for non-credit classes, beginning with the summer term of the 2024-2025 academic year.

The Student Services Fee is $8.00 per credit for students taking one (1) or more credit hours per term up to a maximum of 15 credits (maximum charge of $120.00). This rate begins with the summer term of the 2024-2025 academic year.

100% of regular tuition and associated fees (Senior Citizens, refer to section above)

Testing Fees

$25.00 for non-BMCC degree-seeking students. BMCC degree-seeking students are charged the Enrollment fee which includes the cost of the placement test. If a retest is required, an additional $5 per series will be charged for all students.

$25.00 per exam (Non-refundable)

$25.00 per exam (Non-refundable)

Athletic Program Fees

$125.00 per term for student athletes.

Adult Basic Education, General Education Diploma, English Language Acquisition

$20.00 per course (includes the $9 Non-Credit Technology Fee)

$20.00 per course (includes the $9 Non-Credit Technology Fee)

$10.00 per occurrence

Early College Credit Fees

  • $25 transcription fee per course

$20.00 transcription fee per credit

$20.00 transcription fee per credit

$30.00 transcription fee per credit

100% of tuition and applicable fees

Service Fees

3% of the unpaid balance with a minimum charge of $10 and a maximum charge of $75 per term. Fees are assessed monthly until balance is paid in full.

$35.00 for each occurrence

$35.00 for each occurrence

$5 per transcript +processing fee (obtained through the National Student Clearinghouse)

Request online through National Student Clearinghouse.

Varies (charges are based on the nature of the examination). Contact the BMCC Testing Center at (541) 278-5931 for specific amounts

Course-Specific Fees

$40 per Agriculture course

$175 per course – courses beginning with MUP

$15 per applied art studio course

Varies per course and not all courses use this option; fee generally ranges from $30 to $100 and provides online access to books and course materials; student may opt out.

$60 for each lab course

$60 for each lab course

$320 per course

$10 per credit

$15 per course for piano and/or voice courses starting with MUS

$10 per course

$40 per lab course

$50 per lab course 

Note: This is for the credit courses beginning with UAS

$4,600 for the certificate

Note: This is for non-credit training certificate. Must take all nine (9) non-credit courses and successfully pass them to earn the certificate. 

$200 per lab course

Variable pass-through fee for classes held at off-campus locations such as pickleball.

Nursing Program Fees

$50.00 application fee (Non-refundable)

$1,056.67 per term – consists of Clinical fees, Lab fees, Kaplan testing fees for each term

Applies to first-year and second-year Nursing students.

Note: The College periodically introduces new courses, programs, and/or fees on a pilot basis to meet the needs of the community. These fees may be administratively implemented as needed during the year.

Payment of the stipulated fees by full-time and part-time students registered for academic credit entitles them to all services maintained by the college for the benefit of students. These services include use of the college student union, computer laboratories, library, laboratory and course equipment, materials in connection with courses for which the students are registered, and admission to some events sponsored by the college. By college policy, there is no reduction in fees for students who do not intend to avail themselves of these services.

Paying Tuition

Tuition and fees are payable in full by cash, check, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) by the end of the fifth class day of each term, or the equivalent percentage of days of terms or classes of varying length. Students may also use financial aid funds or third-party agency funds to pay their tuition and fees if they are eligible for these funds. Payments can be made at any location, by mail, or through the Student WolfWeb.

Deferred (Tuition) Installment Plan: BMCC’s tuition installment payment plan is designed to assist students in paying their tuition and fees by setting a reasonable timetable and structure for payment. Students may sign up for this installment plan at any BMCC location or through the BMCC website.  An agreement is not binding for the college until a representative of the Business Office has signed the completed form. Upon signature, BMCC will return a copy of the official signed installment plan to the student. The installment plan will consist of a down payment of $100 plus a $20 processing fee. The balance of tuition and fees will be paid in two installments due at the fourth and seventh week of the term (or equivalent for terms of varying length). Late fee penalties of $15 will be charged for each late payment.

Starting with Spring Term 2018:

  • Students who sign up for a deferred (tuition) installment plan will have the ability to register for subsequent term(s) classes while still making payments on their current term balance. In addition, those on deferred installment plans avoid any late fees if paid according to the agreed upon payment plan. These deferred installment plans allow a student to spread the tuition over three payments with $100 due when signing up, ½ of the remaining balance due Friday of week four, and the other half due Friday of week seven.   
  • Deferred (Tuition) Installment Plans are due Friday of the first week of the term. However, the deadline is being extended until Friday of the second week of the term for Spring 2018 Term only!
  • Please Note: If payment is not made in full before Monday of week eight, the college will automatically drop the student from the next term(s) courses and the student may not be eligible to defer tuition in future terms.

Current Term Tuition Installment Dates and Deadlines can be found on the Academic Calendar

Please contact Student Accounts to learn more about this opportunity!

Late Fee/Interest Penalties: Students who have not paid or made payment arrangements by the end of the fifth class day, or the equivalent day of terms or classes of varying length, will be assessed late fees.  The fee is 3% of the balance due assessed monthly until the balance is paid. The minimum charge is $10, and the maximum charge is $75 per term. 

Financial Holds: If your student account is not paid in-full by Monday of the second week of the term, a financial hold will be placed on your account preventing you from registering for the upcoming term.  Other financial holds may be placed on your account if items are not returned to departments at the College (such as the Library or the MAC Center) or if you have a bad address listed on your Student WolfWeb account.  Please contact Enrollment Services about how to resolve the financial hold on your account.

For questions, please email Student Accounts

Late Payment Fees

Students who have not paid tuition and fees in full, or payment arrangements are not made by the end of the fifth (5th) class day for fall, winter, and spring terms, or the equivalent day for terms or classes of varying length, will be accessed a late payment fee equal to 3% of the balance due monthly until balance is paid. Minimum charge of $10.00, maximum charge of $75.00 per term.

Tuition Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from the College or from college courses, and who have complied with regulations governing withdrawals, are entitled to certain tuition refunds depending on the time of withdrawal. Tuition refunds are calculated as follows:

  • First five (5) days of the term for an 11-week course, or the equivalent day of the term for courses of varying length = 100% refund
  • After the first five (5) days of the term for an 11-week course, or the equivalent day of the term for courses of varying length = 0% refund

Residency (In State Vs Out-Of-State)

To determine your residency status for tuition purposes, please review the information below.   

In-State Residency: You, the student, must meet at least one of the following requirements to be considered “in-state” for tuition purposes:

  1. Resided in the state of Oregon at least ninety (90) continuous days prior to the first day of the term.
  2. You or a member of your immediate family, hold title to property as a permanent Oregon residence.
  3. Filed an income tax statement with the Oregon Department of Revenue for the most recent reporting year.
  4. Been a veteran that has established residence within the college district within one (1) year of separation or discharge from the Service.
  5. A dependent of parents or legal guardian who has established residency within Oregon.
  6. A resident of one of the following states: Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, and California

Out-of-State Residency: Students will pay out-of-state tuition if they list their state of legal residence as a state other than Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Montana, or California. This excludes students who have provided documentation to establish In-State residency as indicated by this policy.

To apply for In-State residency, complete BMCC’s Proof Of Oregon Residency web form below.

International: Students who are citizens of another country and are attending BMCC on a F-1 or M-1 student or other visa will pay the international tuition rate.

Guidelines: Students who graduate from a high school other than in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Montana, or California within the last two years will be considered out-of-state residents and may be required to provide proof of Oregon residency.

Residency criteria requirements apply to readmission of students who have established residency in another state since their last enrollment at the college. This will be checked at the time of readmission to the college.

Students attending on F-1 or M-1 Visa’s do not qualify for in-state residency.

Students that establish their 90-day residency requirement during their current term of enrollment will be granted in-state residency status for their following term of enrollment for the academic year in which they applied for residency. (Example: student meeting 90-day residency requirement during fall term 2018 will be eligible for in-state residency winter term 2019 or their next term of enrollment for the 2018- 19 academic year).

Alaska residents who wish to receive the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend while attending BMCC should consult their state agency prior to applying for in-state residency as it may affect their ability to receive these funds. 

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