Ways to Give

Since 1962 Blue Mountain Community College has been changing lives. Your donation is not just a charitable gift – it is an investment that will continue to grow in the form of forever changing the lives of our students and the community we share.

You may mark your donation as being in memory of or honoring someone special. You may also choose to make your gift recurring. 

Support the Emergency Fund

While BMCC is working to continue to offer essential services to our students who already face high rates of housing and food insecurity, everyday our students face emergencies that can flip their livelihoods upside-down. BMCC students’ ability to pursue further training and education is severely threatened. By providing relief aid, we will ensure students are better able to stay in school now.

Create a Lasting Legacy

Make your legacy one of giving to a brighter future.

Your donation helps make a difference by supporting those students who are striving to better themselves and their family.

A charitable bequest is simply a distribution from your estate to a charitable organization through your last will and testament.

Key Benefits:
  • Assets distributed according to your wishes after your death
  • Possible savings on estate taxes
  • A lasting legacy, reflective of your values and beliefs, without giving up your assets now
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are benefiting future generations of  BMCC students!
To leave a bequest to MHCC in your will, you need the following information:
  • Full legal name of beneficiary: Blue Mountain Community College Foundation
  • Mailing address: PO Box 100, Pendleton, OR 97801
  • Tax identification number: 93-6033846
  • Bequest language: for a few samples click here

You want to show your continued support after your death by making MHCC a beneficiary of your retirement account.

Key Benefits:
  • Blue Mountain Community College Foundation as a full or partial beneficiary
  • Charitable tax deduction for your estate
  • Possible savings on estate taxes
  • Possible tax savings on retirement plan assets
  • Possible increase in amount passed on to heirs
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are benefiting future generations of BMCC students!

Due to a change in circumstances, you have a life insurance policy you no longer need, or you would like to purchase a new policy specifically for philanthropic purposes.

Key Benefits:
  • Charitable tax deduction
  • Possible savings on estate taxes
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are benefiting future generations of BMCC students!
Charitable Gift Annuity

You would like to support BMCC while retaining the life income provided by your assets.

Key Benefits:
  • Guaranteed life income backed by Blue Mountain Community College Foundation assets
  • Possible higher income yield than other investments
  • Avoidance of money management and investment worries
  • Tax savings that may offset capital gains taxes and income tax
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are benefiting future generations of BMCC students!

You own highly appreciated real estate or securities. You would like to receive income, but the tax consequences of a sale will significantly diminish the total value.

Key Benefits:
  • Life income and estate tax savings
  • Charitable tax deduction of a percentage of contributed asset
  • No capital gains taxes on sale
  • Built-in hedge against inflation by payment of percentage of total fund, including growth
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are benefiting future generations of BMCC students!

Why Write a Will?

One of the most important legal activities each of us faces is deciding how, after our death, our assets will be used and who will benefit from them. Estate planning and the writing of a will is a deeply meaningful way to make a powerful statement with these assets. However, a great number of people die “intestate” (without a will). When that happens the state or others decide for us where and how the estate will be distributed. If your preferences have not been clearly stated in a will, then it is likely that those preferences will not be carried out. It is, therefore, vital that you have a will. It is a wonderful way of expressing your love to the people and organizations you cherish. It is a way to take control of your assets and make a positive statement.

 If you would like, we may be able to help you in this process. We can provide an opportunity to simply discuss estate planning and charitable giving. We recognize that many individuals would like to benefit more than one organization. We will be very careful to honor your wishes and to discuss any concerns you may have. As we talk, we’ll approach our discussions with a mind to what you want. To do this, please contact Ken Daniel, Executive Director of Blue Mountain Community College Foundation, at 541-278-5775, or email

 If you do not have a will, whether you contact us or not, we urge you to obtain one right away. For, as the English poet and playwright Edward Young said, “Procrastination is the thief of time.”

If you have questions or need assistance, contact

Ken Daniel
Executive Director – BMCC Foundation or call 541-278-5775.

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