College Finance

Blue Mountain Community College passes an annual budget each year through an extensive budget process that is governed in Oregon by Local Budget Law. The purpose of the Local Budget Law is to standardize procedures and provide opportunity for public input on an institutions budget. The Budget Committee is composed of members of the Board of Education plus an equal number of appointed members that represent each of the zones in the district. All Budget Committee meetings are open to the public.

Current Adopted Budget

Thank you for your interest in Blue Mountain Community College and our fiscal health and budget. Below is the adopted budget for the current year. We hope you find the following prepared document informative about the BMCC budget and budget process, and provide you with a complete financial picture for the coming fiscal year.


Financial Reports

Each year the finance department assists the auditors in the preparation of BMCC’s annual financial statements for the fiscal year ending June 30.

The Oregon Community College Accounting Manual (ORS 294.393) requires an audit and examination be made of the accounts and financial affairs of Oregon Community College at least once each year. Dickey and Tremper, LLP have performed auditing services for Blue Mountain Community College for many years.

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