Academic Advisory Boards

An academic advisory board is a group of individuals who are appointed to provide advice and guidance to an academic program or institution. They can be composed of experts in the field, alumni, or community members. The purpose of an academic advisory board is to:

  • Provide strategic advice: The board can help the academic program or institution to develop its long-term goals and strategies. They can also provide feedback on the program’s current direction and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Assess quality: The board can help to assess the quality of the academic program or institution. They can do this by reviewing curriculum, student learning outcomes, and faculty performance.
  • Foster relationships: The board can help to foster relationships between the academic program or institution and the wider community. They can do this by promoting the program or institution to potential students, donors, and employers.
  • Provide resources: The board can help to provide resources to the academic program or institution. This could include financial support, in-kind donations, or access to networks and contacts.

The specific responsibilities of an academic advisory board will vary depending on the needs of the academic program or institution. However, the general purpose of the board is to provide advice, guidance, and support to help the program or institution to achieve its goals.

Here are some of the benefits of being on an academic advisory board:

  • You can make a difference: Advisory boards can have a real impact on the quality of academic programs and institutions. By providing advice and guidance, you can help to ensure that students receive a high-quality education.
  • You can network with experts: Advisory boards often have members who are experts in their field. This is a great opportunity to learn from and network with these individuals.
  • You can give back to your community: Advisory boards can help to improve the quality of education in your community. By serving on a board, you can give back to your community and help to make a difference in the lives of students.
  • You can gain new skills and knowledge: Advisory boards can provide you with opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge. This can be helpful for your career and personal development.

If you are interested in serving on an academic advisory board, I encourage you to reach out to your local college or university. They will be able to provide you with more information about the opportunities that are available.

Cliff Bracher

Bracher Farms

Gina Greer


Lenn Greer

Irrigon High School

Jerry Haun

Haun’s Meat & Sausage

Kirk Jacobson

Beef NW

Kylee Hunt

Pendleton High School

Eric Nelson

Nelson Farms

Jill Parker

Old West Federal Credit Union

Dr. Fred Robinson

Riverside Vet

Mark Ward

Ward Ranches

Michael Graham

Tillamook Creamery

Shelby Krebbs

Beef NW

Brad Spencer

Morrow County Grain Growers

Will Anderson

Anderson Geographics

Steve Dixon

JTI Case Walla Walla

Kris Kelley

Frontier Precision

Caitlin Russell

Regional CTE Coordinator, IMESD

Nick Nelson

BMMC Ag Instructor

Matt Liscom

BMCC Ag Instructor

Leah Smith

BMCC Ag Instructor

Drew Leggett

BMCC Ag Instructor

Austin Weinke

Ag Lab Technician

John Fields

Executive Vice President, Instruction & Student Success

Tammy Krawczyk

Dean of Instruction, CTE, & Workforce Development

Mark Browning


Lamb Weston

Don Kennedy

Ryan Webb

Blue Mountain JATC Plumbing

Craig Walter

Rae Soloman

Area VI Inside Electrical

Jeff Holmes

Jose Erice

Eastern Oregon Industrical TATC

Matt Moore

Mike Lesko

Boise TATC

Scott Strand

Jeff Hafer


Jacob Johnson

Tracy Hayes


Blue Mountain JATC

Craig Walter
Tyler Phelps
Uskoski Tory
Zach Wagoner
Kirk Alden
Chet Rhodes
Dan Soloman
Dave Billings
Rae Soloman
Vern Brown
Fred Daggett
Rob Merriman
Ken Wilson
Jennifer Hills


Lamb Weston TATC

Rafael Flores
Rob Hettinga
Raymond Mckim
Vince Cruz
Kirk Nunnery
Ed Walter
Duane Berry
Sam Giffin
Mark Cieszyknski
Mark Ford
Don Kennedy
Ryan Webb
Randy Wood
Richard Mckee
John Mcfoul
Jennifer Hills 

Woodgrain TATC

Mike Phelps
Mark Lester
Jim Middleton
Rob McNeil
Jacob Johnston
Travis Tandy
Jeff Nice
Rick Sutton
Tracy Hayes

Jennifer Hills



Boise Cascade

Bryce Shaffer
Jay Moore
William Green
Bryce Linker
Scott Strand
Jeff Hafer
Nick Kokos
David Strickland
Lehner Hannah
Jennifer Hills

AREV VI Inside Electrical JATC

Joel Johnson
Jeremy Kile
Travis Mcleod
Jose Erice
Jeremie Overton
Jeff Holmes
Cory Anderson
Tim Ottmar
Chad Weems
Slade Smith
Jim Wright
Jennifer Hills



Eastern Oregon Industrial

Ken Tombarge
Clay Crain
Christina Dainty
Keith Ellis
Linc Pankrantz
Eleazar Gonzalez
Matt Moore
Time Ottmar
Jennifer Hills


Erin Carpenter

Eastern Oregon Workforce Board

Susanne Clem

Wildhorse Resort & Casino

Eric DeLary


Kristen Dollarhide

Travel Pendleton

Lynn Evans

Adaugeo Healthcare Solutions

Shevon Hatcher

OSU Extension Service

Rosa Hays

Newly Weds Foods

Goldie Mandella

Adaugeo Healthcare Solutions

Cari Shafer

Oxford Suites

Delores Swearingen

McBee Suergical Clinic

Ron Neeley

BMCC Adjunct Faculty

Velda Arnaud

BMCC Department Chair

Mark Browning


John Fields

Executive Vice President, Instruction & Student Success

Tammy Krawczyk

Dean, CTE & Workforce Development

Melinda Platt

BMCC Business Faculty

Caitlin Russell



Anna Curry…………………President
Greg Schulberg……………Secretary
Doreen Matteson………………..Treasurer
Margaret Mayer………………Artistic Director

Members at Large:

Gary Burnett
Jennifer Colton-Jones
Osa Lange
Danielle McClelland 
Karen Taylor
Heidi Van Kirk
Willa Wallace
Jan Zaugg


Richard Croft

CS Faculty, EOU

Peter Geissinger

Dean, College of STMHS, EOU

Steve Sheehy

CS Faculty, EOU

Matt Corley

Level Four Development

Billy Nerenberg

Cayuse Technologies

Stacy Schumacher


Joe Franell

Eastern Oregon Telecom

Adam Sieders

Interpath Laboratories

Donna Rainboth


Jennifer Pambrun

CTE Coordinator, IMESD

Frank Martinez, Jr.

Interpath Laboratories

Todd Milev

BMCC Faculty

Emily Smith

St. Anthony’s Hospital

Jordan McDonald

WTech Link

Charnelius Massey


Cheri Rhinhart

Deputy Director of IT, IMESD

Theresa Ulrich


Laura Orr

Ukiah School District

Robert Theriault

Hermiston School District


Tony AndersonAnderson Rock, LLC
Kevin ArnzenODOT – LaGrande
Dave BarlowFarm Equipment Headquarters
Cameron BritainTriple M Truck
Susie CalhounCTUIR
Benji CalvertWalmart DC
Grant CherryWalmart DC
Terry ClarkePioneer Asphalt
Tim HasenbankKenworth
Ryan MedelezTriple M Truck
Dennis MoffitRDO Equipment
Pat ChoinKenworth
Josh PayneKenworth
Milan RenckenPGG
Mike SchubertSchubert Diesel Service
Eric SmithCummins NW
Erin SpeelmanFreightliner Northwest
Kris ThiemeZiegler’s Transmission
Rick ThomasWoodpecker Truck
Tom ImusTriple M Truck & Equipment
Cailtin RussellCTE Regional Coordinator, IMESD
Carl DaggettBMCC Diesel Instructor
Jeremy PikeBMCC Diesel Department Chair
Tammy KrawyczkDean, CTE & Workforce Development
John FieldsExecutive Vice President, Instruction & Student Success
Mark BrowningPresident



Term Ends Fall

Dr. Brad Adams

Physician Advisor

On going

Chief Richard Cearns

UCFD 1 Fire Chief

On going

Chief Jim Critchley

Pendleton Fire Chief

On going

Josh Hoeft

Student or Alum


Dylan Spence

BMCC Instructor


Steven Hardin

St. Anthony Hospital


Jeremy Lasater

Athena Fire Department


Chief Rob Burnside

CTUIR Fire Department


Justin Lauer

Oregon Department of Forestry


Dale Jenner

Arrowhead Forestry


Mike Barry



Adam Cole

Boardman Fire Department


Rebekah Rand

Blue Mountain Hospital


Rick Sherman

Committee Member


Peter Benjamin

Life Fligh Network


Caitlin Russell


On going

Chris Wrathall

BMCC EMS Coordinator

On going

Jeremy Gillette

BMCC Fire Science Program Coordinator

On going

Tammy Krawczyk

Dean, CTE & Workforce Development

On going

John Fields

Executive Vice President, Learning & Student Success

On going

Mark Browning


On going

Albert Corpus

Portland General Electic

Scott Ezell

Port of Morrow

Kalie Davis

Port of Morrow

Dirk Dirksen

Superintendent, Morrow County Schools

Jerry McMichael

BMCC Faculty

Anne Morter

BMCC Center Director

John Fields

Executive Vice President, Instruction & Student Success

Tammy Krawczyk

Dean, CTE & Workforce Development

Mark Browning


Modesta Minthorn


Bradie Weaskus


Boots Pond

Education and Training Committee

Cheryl Shippentower

Education and Training Committee

Robin Bitrick

Education and Training Committee

Jory Spencer

Education and Training Committee

Theresa Bosworth

BMCC Interim Dean of Student Success

Roman Olivera

BMCC Director Student Support Services

Annie Amith

BMCC / CTUIR Liaison

John Fields

Executive Vice President, Instruction & Student Success

Tammy Krawczyk

Dean, CTE & Workforce Development

Mark Browning

President, BMCC

Patricia Kohan, MSN, RN, CNE

OHSU Assistant Clinical Professor

Cindy Dieter, RN

WOC Medical Services Manager

Alisha Lundgren, RN, MN

Deputy Director, Umatilla County Health

Shana Alexander, RN

RN Supervisor, Yellowhawk Clinic

Cindy Shaw, RN

Director of Patient Care, Quality, and Risk, St. Anthony Hospital

Caitlin Russel

Regional CTE Coordinator, IMESD

Elizabeth Michael, RN, BSN, RNC-OB IBCLC

Education Coordinator, St. Anthony Hospital

Meagan Moon, RN

Director of Nursing Services, Good Shepherd Medical Center

Brain Gachne, RN

Primary Nursing Supervisor, Good Shepherd Medical Center

Tiffany Hodge, RN, MSN

Clinical Staff Educator, Good Shepherd Medical Center

Tammy Krawczyk

BMCC, Dean CTE & Workforce Development

Laurie Post, MSN, RN

BMCC, Nursing Program Director

Jessica Humphreys, RN, MSN

BMCC Faculty

Katrina Dielman, MS, RN, CNE

BMCC Faculty

Jean Reiher

BMCC, Administrative Assistant

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