Focal Launches May 6th

BMCC is launching a new Student Information System, called Focal, starting Monday, May6th at 8am, just in time for summer registration on Tuesday, May 7th.

This page will include information about what you need to know to use the new system, any important notes or outages, and screenshots and training videos about how to use the new portal. Read the FAQ below or jump straight to How To Register and More.

Q: How will I log in to the new WolfWeb?

A: You will log in exactly as you did before, though the WolfWeb link on the Current Students page. The link will change from the old portal to the new one over the “blackout weekend” during the transition.

Q: What is the “blackout weekend”?

A: To ensure a seamless transition, access to the “old” WolfWeb will be turned off Friday, May 3rd at 6pm. The new WolfWeb will become active Monday, May 6th at 8am. That weekend between will be a total “blackout” of any users (staff or students) using either system.

Q: What is the difference between Focal and WolfWeb?

A: They are really the same thing! When you log into “new” WolfWeb you’ll be looking at your student dashboard in Focal. There you will be able to do things like view your schedule, register for classes, see your account balance, make a payment, update your profile information, run a degree audit, etc.

Q: Wait, did you say ‘run a degree audit’? I thought I had to do that in the Degree Audit tool

A: The best part about Focal is that it is built on our original Degree Audit system. That means your registration, course planning, and course history are all tied to your degree intent and degree audit. You will be able to do everything related to your degree in one place!

Q: How will I register for classes? Make payments? How do I use it??

A: The “How To” area below will continue to be updated with new tutorials, both text and video, of how to do things in Focal as a student.

How To

Register for Classes (All Students)

There are two stages of signing up for classes in Focal:

1. Planning: this is where you choose which courses you want for a term. You can add or remove classes to and from your plan as often as you like.

2. Registering: this is where you register for your planned courses.

To get started, find the registration widget for the upcoming term on your dashboard:


This widget has two tabs: one showing your Planned classes, and the other showing Enrolled (registered) classes.

To get started searching for classes, click “Plan Classes”:

This is the class search window. You can search for classes by code or title, or use the “Category” picker in the upper left to choose a category, like Math:

Notice that this student cannot take MTH062 because they have not met the prerequisites for that class, but they can take MTH025, which is Open. Notice that you can also click “Show Prerequisites” any any course which has that button (more on that in another section).
Click “Add” to add a class to your plan. Here’s what the page might look like after adding a few classes:

Note that each tile in the Planned Classes section has a “Remove” button. Click that button to remove a class from your plan:

Click “yes” and the course is removed from the plan:

At any point you can click “View Schedule” under your planned classes to see a calendar grid view of your classes with meeting times with online classes spanning the entire week:


Once you’re ready to register for your planned classes, click “Confirm Classes”:

You will then see the registration “pre-flight” checks to make sure you don’t have any registration blocks or anything else preventing you from taking the classes.

At this point you can click “Edit Plan” to go back to planning, or click “Confirm and Register” to finish registration. Note that the total tuition/fees that will be charged to your account show here.

After Confirming, you will be taken back to your dashboard where you will see your Enrolled classes, your current balance, the option to Make a Payment, and a list of costs (your “Ledger”) for each class:


If you have a Declared Goal and are intending to complete a degree at BMCC, there will be one difference to your registration experience from the steps outlined above.

Instead of only seeing the registration widget, you will see an Academic Goal widget which will show your progress in your goal:
Click “Plan Classes” as outlined in the steps above:
 Now, the “Add Classes” page will look different than for students without a degree intent:
Notice that your current Academic Goal appears, as well as a “Requirements” dropdown. This part of the widget makes sure that the classes you see in the class list will apply to your degree.
You can choose a Requirement from your degree to see which classes fit that requirement:

The “X” here means you have not satisfied that requirement.

This message is important!

You may notice that some classes don’t appear in the list with that box checked, including some prerequisite classes which don’t directly apply to your degree. By unchecking that box you will see all classes offered in the term, including those which may not be eligible for financial aid. Work with your Advisor or Navigator if you have questions.

By un-checking the box you will see this extra Note:

All of the other steps of the Registration process are the same as the steps for students not seeking degrees at BMCC.


If you have already registered for a class, it will appear under your “Enrolled” tab for a term. If you are within the add/drop time for the term, you will be able to “unregister” by clicking that button on any class:

You will see a “confirmation” box:
Clicking “Yes” here will remove you from the class, and refund your student account the tuition and fees for that class:
If you are past the add/drop period for the term, you may still be able to drop a class using a “Late Drop” form available on the Student Forms page
If you are past the add/drop period and want to “Withdraw” from a course, the Withdraw button will appear and be available until the last date to Withdraw for the term:


Your dashboard will show your Advisor widget just below the Welcome message. Your Advisor widget will include your assigned Advisor and/or Navigator. If you are not a degree-seeking student, you won’t see anyone in the list. If you are degree-seeking and don’t see anyone listed, please contact our Advising team at  (541) 278-5853 or make an appointment with a Navigator from the Advising page.

From your dashboard click the “My Classes” tab at the top

You can click a term in the “My Classes” widget to see your course history for that term:

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