“Earn while you learn.” That’s the essence of apprenticeships. Apprenticeship is an excellent pathway to skilled jobs that combine on-the-job learning with relevant classroom instruction. Careers as electricians, plumbers, and other industrial trades often provide employees who are new to the industry with training from current employees (called Journeymen). Who better to learn from than those who have years of experience and knowledge of that trade. BMCC’s apprenticeship programs are in the skilled trades, and are financial-aid eligible once registered as a State of Oregon apprentice and enrolled at BMCC.



Degrees & Certificates

6000-8000-Hr BOLI-ATD Trades: Asbestos Removal, Carpenter, HVAC/R, Interior/Exterior Finisher, Painter, Pile Driver, Plumber, Scaffold Erector, and Sheet Metal.

4000-8000 Hour BOLI-ATD Trades: (4,000) Limited Energy Technician-license B, Limited Maintenance Electrician, Limited Renewable Energy Technician and Limited Residential Electrician. (6,000) Limited Energy Technician-license A and Sign Maker/Fabricator. (8,000)  Inside Electrician, Manufacturing Plant Electrician, Sign Assembler/Fabricator, Sign Maker/Erector, and Stationary Engineer.

Associate of Applied Science

4,000 BOLI-ATD Trades: Air Frame and Power Plant Technicians, Boiler Operator and Programmable Logic Controller

8000-Hr BOLI-ATD Trades: Boiler/Turbine Operator, Die Cast Mold, Heat and Frost Insulator, Industrial Mobile Mechanic, Instrument Technician, Machinist, Millwright, Motor Winder.

Associate of Applied Science

Further Information

  • Com100, Human Communication
  • WR060, Elements of Essay
  • MTH070 or higher
  • BA131 or CS120, Computer Literacy

+ $36.31 Hourly, Apprentices start at 40% of that amount

+ $33.18 Hourly, Apprentices start at 40% of that amount

+$36.31 Hourly, Apprentices start at 40% of that amount

View the in-depth Specialty Trade Contractors Analysis from Bureau of Labor Statistics at:

Industries at a Glance

BMCC supports education training for apprenticeships

Inside Electrical

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic/Millwright

Limited Energy – A Technician

Limited Energy – B Technician

Limited Maintenance Electrician

Limited Manufacture Plant Electrician (Plant Journeyman) Plumbing

Programmable Logic Controller Technician

Area VI Inside Electrical JATC — non-union, open shop
Blue Mountain JATC — non-union, open shop
Boise TATC
Eastern Oregon Industrial TATC
Lamb Weston TATC
Woodgrain TATC

Staff Information

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