Agriculture, Diesel, & Welding

Build the hands-on skills needed to enter a dynamic career in a high-demand field. Develop problem-solving skills and the technical knowledge that will prepare you for immediate entry into a rewarding career. Learn how to cultivate the land, produce livestock, repair diesel engines, weld, and grow leadership and environmental skills. Develop critical thinking skills while operating agricultural and diesel machinery, diesel technology, and welding equipment. Learn the art of growing relationships and networking. This pathway is designed to help you move toward transfer or employment, and  is made up of associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates designed to prepare you for employment in a variety of fields.



Degrees & Certificates

Pursue a degree in Ag Business to prepare you for a broad range of careers in the agricultural industry, ranging from operations, marketing, and systems.

Job ProspectsAssociate of Applied Science Degree


This program provides students with a background in crops, livestock and greenhouse production. A 100-acre educational farm offers hands-on opportunities for planting, irrigating pest management and integrating livestock and farming practices. Come experience agriculture in a setting that few colleges can offer!

Job Prospects   Associate of Applied Science Degree


As the largest community college farm in Oregon, BMCC touts a 100-acre educational farm complete with cropland, irrigation systems, and modern farm equipment. The ability to learn through a “hands-on, hands-in” experience provides our students with an education based on much more than theory.

 Associate of Applied Science Degree


With 100-acres of farm and rangeland, our students get first-hand, hands-on experience with forage and livestock production. Students will A.I. cattle, castrate sheep, ride horses, swath and bale hay, along with a myriad of other activities.

Associate of Applied Science


The Precision Agriculture (PA) program is an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree that prepares graduates for employment upon graduation as precision agriculture technicians, crop consultants, PA sales support, and more.

The job outlook for precision agriculture is very strong. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of agricultural and food scientists will grow 8% from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations. This growth is being driven by the increasing demand for food and agricultural products, as well as the growing use of precision agriculture technologies.

Associate of Applied Science

This less than one-year certificate program in agriculture production-crops: pest management will prepare the student for all aspects of pest management including the proper handling and application of related materials by providing the necessary knowledge in the following areas:

  • Industry-related employment skills
  • Crop science (techniques, issues, technology, trends)
  • Agriculture-related business practices
  • Agricultural operations (safety, mechanical technology)

Career Pathways Certificate

This less than one-year certificate program in agriculture/production-livestock: beef production will prepare the student for all aspects of beef production by providing the necessary knowledge in the following areas:

  • Industry-related employment skills
  • Animal science (techniques, issues, technology, trends)
  • Agriculture-related business practices
  • Agricultural operations (safety, mechanical technology)

Career Pathways Certificate

With a career in diesel technology, you can immerse yourself in everything diesel. The diesel industry is advancing in technology and opportunities exponentially. A degree from BMCC sends a message to potential employers that you know how to adapt to this changing technology.

Associate of Applied Science

This one-year certificate in Vet Assisting will prepare the student concerned with working in a veterinarian’s practice including animal science, veterinary technology equipment, vet assistant skills including office, lab, and surgery, and more.

Certificate of Completion

Welding is a skill used by many professions: sheet metal workers, iron-workers, diesel mechanics, manufacturing, carpenters, marine construction, glaziers, repair, and maintenance personnel in applications starting from art sculpting to heavy construction, ships and many other projects.

Certificate of Completion

Looking for a way into the world of Diesel Technology? Earning your Technician’s Assistant Certificate is a great way to begin your path in this field. 

Career Pathway Certificate

Further Information

If you enjoy working with animals and people consider following your passions by enrolling in Pre-Veterinary Technology at Blue Mountain Community College in partnership with Colby Community College’s Distance Learning Veterinary Technology Program (DLVTP).  Start your studies by successfully completing the pre-requisite courses at Blue Mountain Community College then apply for admission to Colby Community College’s DLVTP.  Colby Community College’s DLVTP can be completed online and is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association.


BMCC Ag Department is a national recognized program through NAAE.  BMCC Ag Department was awarded the Outstanding Post-Secondary Program in 2002 and 2012.
Class Requirements
Students attending welding classes would be required to bring with them the following:
  • 1 pair slip joint pliers
  • 1 pair safety glasses
  • 1 pair welding gloves
Students would also need to dress appropriately in order to be safe. This would mean that students would need to wear close-toed shoes, long sleeves, and non-flammable pants without cuffs, such as blue jeans.
We will provide soap stone, welders, welding rod, strikers, welding goggles, welding hoods with appropriate shade lenses and other supplies needed to complete the welds.

Staff Information

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